The Congress Theme

The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR)host every two years the Congress of the Romanian Accounting Profession, a large-scale event, attended by national representative and guests from international professional organizations.

The Anniversary edition of the Romanian Accounting Profession Congress is scheduled to take place in Bucharest, on September 23-24, 2016 and the central topic of this event shall be “The Accounting Profession in the Digital Era. Challenges and Opportunities” – a topic that shall become a context for specialist in the accounting field to have a fresh look on established and current concerns of our profession, viewed in a globalised context.

The festive moment occasioned by the 21th edition of our accounting profession shall be an opportunity to honour the memory of those who fought for and supported the creation and the re-establishment of the Body together with those who have ensured its proper organisation and functioning – namely of elected and executive bodies – and last but not the least, of CECCAR members, who have guaranteed its unity and have given provided for the strength and the resources required to put into place the Romanian accounting profession developing strategies during its over 90 years of existence.

Since its creation, in 1921, CECCAR has hosted the Professional Congress every two years, imposing it as a tradition in the world of the accounting profession. These conferences have tackled various topics that are critical to the economic life of the country, professional accountants being incited into taking part in these debates. Many of the issues on the agenda, solved by resolutions agreed upon by the Congresses, have been settled, determining the progress of the Romanian society.

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