CECCAR Congress History

_congres ceccarSince its creation, in 1921, until its temporary dissolution, CECCAR has hosted the Professional Congress every two years, imposing it as a tradition in the world of the accounting profession. The Body hosted a total of nine events, the last one being hosted by the Capital, in 1923, and the last one by the city of Brasov, in 1939. Although on the occasion of the last Congress it had been agreed upon that the 10th Congress be hosted in Iasi in 1941, the Romanian entry into war and, then, the installation of the Communist regime in our country, prevented its organisation.

These conferences have tackled various topics that are critical to the economic life of the country, professional accountants being incited into taking part in these debates. Many of the issues on the agenda, solved by resolutions agreed upon by the Congresses, have been settled, determining the progress of the Romanian society.

When talking about the objectives of these Conferences, the Body Secretary General, P. Drăgănescu-Brateş, made the following observations:

“Keeping a balance between dreams and real possibilities, the decisions taken by our Body on the occasion of these Conferences have been more than mere projections; some of them were put into place, within a rather short span of time, while others are just about to be put into action.

We must note some of this accomplishments: setting up the public patrimony, one of the objectives of the 1925 Congress in Cluj; amending the Commercial Code with the evaluation and balance sheet regulation, namely for anonymous entities (Bucharest, 1931); introducing a member of the Body within the structures of each share companies (Constanta, 1929, Bucharest, 1931); expanding social security for the Body’s constituents (Cluj, 1925); introducing the balance sheet template (Chisinau, 1927); reorganizing the commercial instruction system (Bucharest, 1923; Constanta, 1929); the creation of the Body Insurance and Assistance House (Constanta, 1929; Galati, 1937);

After the Communist period, the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania was born or, otherwise said, reborn as a Phoenix bird, and its existence was officially acknowledged when it received a legal entity status on July 10, 1992, according to the Court Decision no 22.

As of 1994, the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania has been hosting the Congress of the Romanian accounting profession, thus retying, after 55 years, the tradition of the biennial professional Congress.

The Anniversary Brochure of the CECCAR Congress


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